Safe Grocery Shopping PSA

Autoplay is paused13:31 / 13:31Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)Get the latest information from the CDC about COVID-19.CDC #4 ON TRENDING PSA Safe Grocery Shopping in COVID-19 Pandemic – UPDATED!!! SORT BY

Here Comes Trouble

Harlow and Sophie, led by Lily, storming the kitchen.  For the portrait show at the Palm Court Arts Complex in the Great Park Gallery - COMMON WALLS. The show is up September–November 2018.  

Shout Out in the OC Weekly!

Coastline Art Gallery has a new show up called "Fish Out of Water." I have a 3-D piece in it called "O is for Octopus." (My cousin, Jamia, suggested the name which I snapped up!)  It got a shout-out in this week's OC Weekly. Woo Hoo!...

Arty Party – August 2018

This was a first for me. A fundraiser where artists sell their work. I don't make art to sell. I make art because I love the challenge. So I dreaded this event, was sorry that I had said "yes" until I got there and sold nine pieces of my artwork. Many thanks to Terry...